Principles of Sófár



1. Our foundations

First and foremost our standard is the written Word of God, the Scripture, which is the only norm worthwhile for our lives to be adjusted to. Our Reformed creeds (the second Helvetic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism) serve as guides in our orientation regarding the matters of faith. At the same time we also rely upon those community and also private experiences, in which we have experienced the work of God in line with His Word. However, these are always subject to our creeds.

We profess that the fundamental purpose of the Reformed Christian man’s life is to glorify God, and this completes itself in a life lived for His glory, and offered to Him as a sacrifice. We profess that the best thing to do for a man forgiven by our heavenly Father through the merit of Jesus Christ is this: to live in this world as an instrument of the will of our Lord. We profess that all our gifts and possibilities come from Him and we would like to make the best of everything he has given us (see the parable about the talents: Mt 25,14-30; Lk 19,12-27).

2. Sofar, its purpose and mission

2./a) The Sofar (float)

Sofar is an organization which would like to provide a meeting point and help primarily for those, who would like to worship God within the Hungarian Reformed Church, and serve Him through worship.

2./b) Sofar’s purpose

Sofar’s main purpose is to strengthen and deepen the praise and worship of God within the Hungarian Reformed Church in both the personal life of the church members and in the community life of the churches as well.

2./c) Sofar’s mission

  • Supporting the praise teams serving in the churches: uniting, gathering and encouraging them. Giving them all the support we can in their growth in both the spiritual and the musical progress in their ministry.
  • Organizing country-wide events focusing on and teaching about praise and worship. During these meetings it is our aim to worship God and to accept those gifts received through the common experience of His presence, as well as to grow together in faith, knowledge and love.
  • Providing a forum: for the discussion of questions regarding worship, for sharing teachings and spreading information.

3. Sofar and being Reformed

3./a) Sofar within the Hungarian Reformed Church

Within the Hungarian Reformed Church the Sofar is an unofficial organization which started bottom-up, based on the motivation of people not part of the national leadership of the church. The organization builds itself from this direction as well. The members of the team organizing the Sofar events and the teachers serving during the meetings are all members of the Reformed Church, including pastors and elders, too.

3./b) Sofar and the official reformed song book

We value most of the songs published in the Hungarian reformed song book, we regard them as useable in worship – and they should be sung in our worship sessions. Regarding the psalms and praises from Geneva we intend to be free in the songs’ new instrumentation and in playing them in a rhythm different from the usual – and encourage others as well to do so. Besides using the official song book’s songs we intend to sing songs to the Lord in our worship which have proper, Hungarian prosody, beautiful and rich melody structure, and lyrics in line with the Word and full of meaning. We encourage the worship teams to do the same. We also intend to use as many songs as possible written by Hungarian authors and encourage others to do so as well.

4. Sofar and other denominations

Sofar works fundamentally among the Hungarian Reformed churches, but its events are open for Christians of other denominations as well.  We appreciate the prayers and offerings of all our Christian brothers and sisters as support and help in the realization of our goals.

5. the principles of the Sofar Team’s operation

In human understanding the Sofar, as an organization, is operated by the Sofar Team. The recruiting of the Sofar Team’s co-workers happens through invitation. The ministry is voluntary. The participation in the Team’s work can be suspended or finished after the tasks of a national event (project) have been completed.

The operational rules of the Sofar Team may be modified by the leaders if necessary, taking the experiences into consideration.

We are also happy about and welcoming the ministry of our Christian brothers and sisters outside the Sofar Team in some projects. Without these serving people and their ministry it would not be possible to reach our goals, to manage our planned events.


We are calling for and awaiting the presence of God’s Holy Spirit, His guidance in our ministry and in our personal lives! He is the only one who can make it alive and blessed. We pray that the Holy Spirit takes over this ministry of praise we serve in, and we become His instruments by God’s grace!

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